An unbelievable variety of sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl tile

You won’t believe your eyes! You have so many options available for vinyl flooring solutions that are virtually indistinguishable from the materials they simulate. Your family, friends, co-workers, and/or clients will think you’ve spent a fortune on your floors.

Get high-end extravagance with a bargain basement budget

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great way to get the high-end look of natural wood, stone, or ceramics at a fraction of the cost while featuring ease of installation, durability, and an outstanding variety of customizable patterns. Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect way to have value-priced, extravagantly beautiful flooring for your home.

Vinyl simulates upscale materials

•  Granite
•  Natural Wood
•  Marble
•  Quartz
•  Travertine
•  Ceramic tile
•  Geometric patterns


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